Quick Change Inc. in Harrisburg PA offers fast cheap oil changes.

Quick Change Inc. in Harrisburg PA is Super fast! Cheapest prices. They literally change your oil and filter in 10 minutes or less. In addition to that, they check your tire pressure, brake fluid, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, etc. Also, if you are low on ANY of your fluids, you can go to Quick Change Inc and they will top you off free of charge.

I like this one because it is close to my house, they have convenient hours (open early in the morning and closes around 5 or so… even open on Saturdays), no appointment required, they have 4 bays that they work on, and in all the time I’ve been going there, I’ve never had to wait. http://www.quicknchange.com

Drive in, pull in the bay, start getting your oil changed. Its great! It does not get any more convenient than that!

I just had a great experience getting an oil change here. They asked me to stay in the car while they checked my brake lights, tire pressure, and fluids. The communications was extremely good for an auto shop. Also, they’re open on Saturdays which was extremely convenient for me. I’m not accustomed to car services explaining everything to me, almost like a great infomercial! But that’s one of the perks of coming here. Customer service to the extreme here!

go out of my way an extra mile or so from all the nearby gas+garage type shops to get my oil changed here. The staff is always super friendly, amicable, chatty – they seem to really enjoy what they’re doing, compared, to your typical reticent serviceperson at most shops.

I’m not the best person to know whether or not or how often I need to change fluids other than the oil (transmission, steering fluid) but based on your miles and visits they’ll recommend when you should.

The staff was so friendly and helpful. Walt the manager, got out a book with pictures to explain the repair that was needed on my car and why it was necessary. The service was done quickly and without pressuring me into other things. Highly recommend them.

The basics: quick, friendly, reasonably priced. The extras: informative (different types of oil I could get and why a less expensive type might actually be better than the type we’ve been using), and didn’t try to offer me things I didn’t come in for… but when I asked for advice, they made useful observations about the cars we’re considering .

I know very little about cars, the one thing I do know is that in order to avoid problems you should follow the recommended maintenance. So I do my best to get my regular oil changes, and other such things done on time.

I’ve been here twice to get my oil changed. The guys are really friendly and helpful. This time my back tail light was out, and they have the necessary bulbs. One of the employees took the time to show me how to do the change myself and told me where to go to get the right type of bulb. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Quick Change Oil in Harrisburg Pennsylvania is a privately owned family operated 10 minute oil change facility which provides fast quality full service oil changes in a variety of types. We offer Conventional (Standard Oil Change) and Full Synthetic oil changes, at some of the cheapest and most competitive prices in the Harrisburg PA. area. We also offer Synthetic Blend oil changes designed to help keep your engine running at optimum value. All full service oil changes come standard with all fluids being checked and topped off, a cleaning of any batter terminal corrosion, and filling your tire air pressure to its correct level.
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